Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet The Characters: Dylan Holebrook

For the next few months, Christ Family Film Productions will be posting character descriptions of the roles being auditioned in September for He Leadeth Me. Get to know the people...get to know the story. And join us in September for auditions in Fergus Falls, MN!



- Born June 16th, 1914 in Dallas County, Missouri
- Son of: Alice Jane Holebrook, father unknown


 Alice Evelyn Holebrook born 1916


- Occupation: professional gambler, bootlegger
- Location: Mount Sterling, Illinois (Brown County)

- Personal interview: “I’m my own boss. My sister relies on me. So I gotta do what I gotta do…anything.”

- Character profile: Dylan, born in uncertain circumstances, relied heavily on his grandparents for stability and for survival. When they both died in 1928, leaving Dylan’s mother alone with two mouths to feed, Dylan opted to leave. After spending a number of months on the road, Dylan finally grew tired of his lonely existence and returned home. His mother, without leaving so much as a forwarding address, was gone, married to a cousin. Dylan found his sister sleeping under the stairs at a local hotel and working in the dining room. The two left Missouri and rode freight trains to Mount Sterling, Illinois, where Alice has found work as a maid in the mayor’s home. Dylan, often gone for long periods of time, has become involved with a professional gambling ring and often returns to Mount Sterling but only long enough to see that his sister is being provided for.

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