Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet The Characters: Benjamin Rosgaard

For the next few months, Christ Family Film Productions will be posting character descriptions of the roles being auditioned in September for He Leadeth Me. Get to know the people...get to know the story. And join us in September for auditions in Fergus Falls, MN!


- Born May 24th 1894 in Sioux County, Iowa
- Son of: Einar Myles Rosgaard & Glennie Jessica (Miller) Rosgaard

 Deborah Kittie (Rosgaard) Kittleson born 1896
 Liza Anetta (Rosgaard) Tyler born 1897
 Vin Gabriel Rosgaard born 1905
 Sonja Mae (Rosgaard) McCarthy born 1907

- Occupation: farmer
- Location: Rock Valley, Iowa (Sioux County)

- Personal interview: “I’m just a farmer. Just a farmer. That’s all I know how to do. I wish those folks over in Washington could remember it. FDR is the only man who sees me way out here.”

- Character profile: Benjamin, born and raised on the family homestead, attended school in a one-room school house. Here, he met his beloved wife in a game of ante-over at the age of six and vowed, in a note tucked under the lid of his desk, that he’d love her forever…even if she had no money. In 1932, Benjamin is the one that has no money but has Evelyn, and four kids besides. With his innovative ways of farming, he has gained the respect of hundreds of farmers and has hosted a number of local picnics for those interested in discussing the issues of crop rotation and environmental conservation. He keeps a firm hand on his farm, his political and religious ideals, and his children. And he is the prince of Evelyn’s dreams.

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