Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Highlighting Amanda Carter

It's been awhile since I've been able to post any character descriptions. It isn't because I don't have them. It is, in fact, because they are located on my external hard drive which is currently out of commission. Sadly, it fell off the table and I can't open it. So...while we wait for it to be'll have to be satisfied with the character descriptions I've posted, and perhaps a little rambling on my part about a handful of the people that make up the story of He Leadeth Me.

As I continue to work on the script, I continue to develop an even greater love for the characters in the story. One of my favorite, and perhaps arguably one of the most important characters, is Amanda Carter, the daughter of Judge Ethan Carter. If you were to compare the story of He Leadeth Me with the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son, you'd understand Amanda to be the parallel character to the Prodigal's brother. She's the one who is faithful and never leaves her father. She's the one who is obediant and trustworthy. She's the one who loves him....

Isn't she?

Amanda Carter, daughter to the wealthiest and most beloved men in town, is an only child...and is not a fan of Shawn Carter, a lone young man who has been orphaned. Amanda's father has offered to adopt Shawn and to give him a permanant home. But, Amanda despises the idea and maybe, in retrospect, is more afraid of losing her father than she is of gaining a stranger for a brother. Throughout the entire plot, Amanda is determined to hate Shawn Carter and Judge Carter is determined to love him...determined to show Amanda that she, too, is in danger of becoming a prodigal herself.

What about us? Where do we fit into this story? Maybe we've thought these things...

"I can't believe he's in church.

I can't believe she's taking communion.

I can't believe he's saying that my God is his God when he doesn't even understand what it means.

I can't believe, after all of the work I've done for the church, that she's getting as much if not more recognition than I ever have.

He's my God. Not theirs..."

Ouch. And yet, don't we fall into the temptation of setting ourselves apart from others because we have a personal in with the judge himself? Just like Amanda, we often experience a number of difficult situations. We are asked to make a number of challenging decisions. We are expected, by a loving God, to love others just as we have been loved.

So, no...this isn't just Shawn's journey. This journey belongs to Amanda too.

And to us.

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