Friday, July 9, 2010

Meet The Characters: Samuel Rosgaard

Christ Family Film Productions yet again is posting character descriptions of the roles being auditioned in September for He Leadeth Me. Get to know the people...get to know the story. And join us in September for auditions in Fergus Falls, MN!


- Born November 24th, 1919 in Lyon County, Iowa
- Son of: Benjamin Theodore Rosgaard & Evelyn Jenny (Miller) Rosgaard

o Siblings:
 Lenora Jenny Rosgaard born 1916
 Adam Ryan Rosgaard born 1918
 Baby Rosgaard born 1932

- Occupation: NA
- Location: Rock Valley, Iowa (Sioux County)

- Personal interview: “I found a book that I can’t stop reading over and over. It’s so good, but I can’t tell you what happens ‘cause then you’ll never read it. And you need to read it. It’s too good.”

- Character profile: Samuel, the shiest of the four Rosgaard children, has been labeled “Adam’s Shadow,” much to his consternation. Born early, it was believed that Samuel wouldn’t survive. When he did survive, he contracted a serious case of the measles at age two and wasn’t expected to live. Surviving that, he fell out of a climbing tree at age nine and punctured a lung. With remedial surgery, he was able to return to school within a few months but found himself sorely behind the others. With his brother’s encouragement and his sister’s tutoring, Samuel managed to catch up sufficiently but never enough to feel confident in any of his studies. His interests rest more in the discovery of new stories hidden in the pages of his parents’ books, often read during recovery from some ailment or another. Reading far beyond his grade level, he weekly devours books on all sorts of topics and ignores all of his other school work. He wants to be a sailor when he grows up.

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