Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meet The Characters: Alyssa Cole

Get to know the people...get to know the story. And join us in September for auditions in Fergus Falls, MN!


- Born June 1st, 1917 in Sioux County, Iowa
- Daughter of: Rev. Arden Rollin Cole & Elizabeth Jacqueline (Harrington) Cole

o Siblings:
 Walter Abraham Cole born 1919

- Occupation: NA
- Location: Rock Valley, Iowa (Sioux County)

- Personal interview: “I don’t know what my parents are thinking, living out here in the middle of nowhere at a time like this. And I don’t know who Amanda Carter thinks she is, flaunting her papa’s wealth all over the neighborhood. And now her pa wants to adopt Shawn Carter? She’ll pay for it.”

- Character profile: Alyssa, born years after her parents had tried conceiving children, was a delightful surprise to both of them. She grew up pampered and petted like a little store-bought doll. Never was she far from her father’s discipline, however, and she was reprimanded often enough for having personal dreams and wishes. Her mother encouraged the care of her outward appearance and taught her proper, Chicago-style etiquette while her father stamped out any expression of her natural-born creativity and passion for things, deeming it un-Christian to encourage personal pleasure. The inconsistency now forces her to express herself in egotistical ways in order to prove, not just to others but to herself, how wonderful she is. She has no specific hobbies and spends much of her time following others, longing for someone to notice her. She excels in school, the one area in which she’s allowed to express herself without fear of being guilty of unholy, blatant vanity. She harbors a certain amount of hate against anyone that has something she can’t have…especially if that something creates visible, genuine happiness. All pampering ceased when her baby brother was born.

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