Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meet The Characters: Rev. Arden Cole

Christ Family Film Productions yet again is posting character descriptions of the roles being auditioned in September for He Leadeth Me. Get to know the people...get to know the story. And join us in September for auditions in Fergus Falls, MN!


- Born December 2nd, 1880 in Cook County, Illinois
- Son of: Rev. Albin Isaac Cole & Elenora Edwina (Massey) Cole

o Siblings:
 Casper Ottis Cole born 1882 (deceased 1930)

- Occupation: minister
- Location: Rock Valley, Iowa (Sioux County)

- Personal interview: “The Lord’s work is the work of a saint. Not everyone is called to the pulpit and the Lord our God showers down on those selected the strength to be givers of truth…even when it hurts. You need to hear it and I’m here to tell it to you. Shawn Harper will bring the devil to our door.”

- Character profile: Arden, born and raised in Chicago, attended McCormick Theological Seminary and graduated in 1902. He married Elizabeth Harrington the summer following his senior year at the seminary and the two spent a number of years on the Indian reservations preaching the Word of the Lord. Disease forced the couple to flee the reservations and they finally settled in Rock Valley, Iowa, opening one of the first Presbyterian churches in the area. Arden is known for his blunt opinions and hard political stance. He is a lover of the Word, but an extreme doer of discipline which he carries over into his household. After a falling-out with his father, Rev. Cole, he has become increasingly skeptical and wary of organized religion as a whole. The country’s depression, however, has given him no other choice: preach, or starve.

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