Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bonnett!

The character of Bonnett, played by Ashley Simonsen in our upcoming film project He Leadeth Me, was born February 21, 1915 . In 1932, during the Great Depression, Bonnett would have turned 17 years old February 21! Because the 2011 calendar matches the 1932 calendar exactly, she would have celebrated her birthday just a few days ago!


- Born February 21, 1915, location unknown
- Daughter of: unknown

 A 14 year-old sister who goes by the name of “Darcy”, real name unknown

- Occupation: gambler
- Location: Mount Sterling, Illinois (Brown County)

- Personal interview: “I go where I wanna go. I ain’t from anywhere, just from where I’m at right now…if anyone’s askin’. You can search and search and you won’t find anything about me. Darcy? She’s my sister, yeah…anyway, maybe. I guess you’ll never really know for sure…will ya?”

- Character profile: An individual with secrets, Bonnett has a past that no one has been able to understand. Full of secrets, and not really trustworthy of anyone, this young woman acknowledges that she has one sibling, though the truth of their relation has not yet been proven. Her location is always wherever she happens to be living, currently, and she is an expert at covering her trails. She earned her nickname by swiping a wealthy woman’s Sunday bonnet during a rural church picnic. During a train ride through the North West, an old, crusty transient told her how to spell her name. She’s never gotten it right since.

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