Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Timothy John Barry!

The character of Timothy John Barry, played by Josey Wilson in our upcoming film project He Leadeth Me, was born January 19, 1922 . In 1932, during the Great Depression, Timothy Barry would have turned  10 years old on January 19th. Because the 2011 calendar matches the 1932 calendar exactly, he would have celebrated his birthday yesterday!

- Character profile: Timothy Barry, born and raised in Rock Valley, IA, has never known anything but the small-town atmosphere of the humble farming community. As the Great Depression rages around him, he occupies himself with his own version of reality which consists of only innocent childish play, pranks, and prayers. His only real fear is never having enough food to eat, but his mother and father continuously encourage him to trust that the Lord will provide and, in the meantime, eat everything on his plate. His only one true temptation: finding ways to drive his younger sister Angela absolutely crazy.

Josey Wilson, "Timothy John Barry" (courtesy Dawn Schlienz)

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